4 thoughts on “How to Be Confident (When All You Have Is Doubt)”

    1. Lisa says:

      All the time. It’s pretty frequent. It leads to procrastination and self-distraction. I do it without realizing the root cause. But now I know.

      1. Jena Kroeker says:

        Thanks for your honesty, Lisa. You’re definitely not alone, and you’re helping others to know they’re not alone. Many of us can relate to this.

    2. I must admit I’ve struggled with this very thing during my 14-year career of being a freelancer. In the beginning, we strive to learn and get better yet even after years of success, we can still find doubt creeping in.

      Personally, I found the following morning practice helps me get past the doubt; a morning walk, my self-talk letter to myself where I only note the rewards and wins, writing out 3 things I’m thankful and grateful for, finishing it all off with a 5-minute meditation exercise.

      Are there times I fall off track? Absolutely, but I find when I don’t follow this ritual both my personal and business life tend to wain.

      1. Jena Kroeker says:

        Thanks for sharing, Katrina. Those are great strategies! It’s so true that those kinds of rituals help anchor us and can get us back on track when doubts creep in.

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