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Establish a healthy, confident mindset to start and grow a thriving business.


Determine a clear plan and the right steps to get started quickly.


Learn in-demand skills to stay sharp and current and competitive in today’s market.


Identify, find, and attract the right clients you'd love to work with.


Connect with a warm community of like-minded peers, instructors and mentors.


Experience the freedom of being your own boss, working from anywhere, and doing what you love.

Joining Freelance University has been one of the BEST investments I’ve made since starting as a virtual assistant in 2010. The courses are robust and easy to follow with a variety of options from those just starting out to experienced freelancers (like me). The value of the University is second to none!

Shelley McKenzie

Being a part of the FreeU community has given me the confidence to make my dream a reality! The courses are fantastic, relevant and are constantly being upgraded with new content. I appreciate the support, knowledge and positive feedback from the Facebook community.You are NOT alone with FreeU!

Linda Mae Olgivie

Freelance University is one of the very few experiences I have found that offers a 360 degree support network to ensure your freelance success. Within the first three weeks of joining the University and applying what I learned, I had landed my first client… it just works!

John Easton

We’re just like you!

Almost 20 years ago, we wanted something different…a business of our own so we could experience the freedoms we dreamed of and now we want YOU to experience the same FREEDOM!

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