4 thoughts on “Freedom Story: The Journey from Vision Loss to a Thriving Freelance Business”

    1. Tammy says:

      Great interview with Lisa! Love how she points out that this is a journey. Our journey changes throughout the years and having FreeU who keeps us up to speed on the latest technology and training is an wonderful asset. Awesome job Lisa!


      I am a perfectionist and often guilty of overthinking which creates a huge obstacle for me. Another obstacle is “fear” of not being a good or successful entrepreneur. Ms. Lisa Galetti’s statement really resonated with me.
      “Go easy on yourself…It’s an evolution. It’s a journey.” (Lisa Galetti)
      Thank you FreeU and Lisa for fueling the fire in me to press on; that evolution is necessary for growth and success.

    3. Pam A. says:

      Lisa, it was such a treat to watch your interview with Craig! I know many people who deal with physical challenges will be encouraged by it. You’re absolutely right. When we’ve worked traditional jobs, our duties were clearly defined and we rarely had the option to expand or decrease the tasks that didn’t appeal to us. As a VA, we’re the “boss” and have the liberty to decide what services are company offers. That’s the type of flexibility many people are craving. Thanks for sharing your story, Lisa.

    4. Louise Russell says:

      Lisa, you are so Inspiring! I am a person who wants to understand EVERYTHING first and do it perfectly before putting myself out there and you have helped me understand I don’t have to do it that way at all … it takes the pressure off somewhat. I don’t know what I might be good at but that’s okay, I will find out along the way as I take different courses at FreeU and find that new skill I can excel at. Thank you so much for your insight and encouragement. My mindset is changing, thank you Lisa and FreeU.

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