9 thoughts on “Your Guide to Optimizing Your Daily Productivity”

    1. Belinda Robinson-Jones says:

      I certainly try to set aside certain days during the week to work, and I set aside days for downtime so that I am up to the tasks on the days that I do work. Great article!

      1. Jena Kroeker says:

        Thanks, Belinda! That’s a great strategy. Scheduling downtime is so important to keep us energized.

    2. Great article Jena and a great reminder. So many people need to read this.

      1. Jena Kroeker says:

        Thanks so much, Kathie! I’m glad it’s helpful. I often need to remind myself of these things.

    3. Anne Wacuka says:

      Thank you for this. It is quite helpful. I needed the reminder.

      1. Jena Kroeker says:

        Thanks, Anne! I’m so glad it was helpful.

    4. I love using my Google calendar to schedule time blocks for my client work. Time blocking seems to help me keep distractions adrift and my billing time more focused. I can easily drop and drag timeblocks in my calendar too which makes it easy to shedule. Optimizing your daily productivity is unique for each VA and thanks for sharing these different ideas to consider.

      1. Jena Kroeker says:

        Thanks for sharing that great tip, Tawnya! That’s so true – we all have unique needs, so we can pick and choose which productivity strategies work best for us and design our own too.

    5. Nice article! This is so helpful and i needed this type of strategies to follow, great explanation.

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