One thought on “Three Stories to Inspire Your Freelance Business in 2019!”

    1. Pam A. says:

      I enjoyed watching all three of my fellow students’ interviews.

      It’s helpful for other men to see John talk about his journey since the perspective of a virtual assistants or virtual freelancers is that we’re all women. It’s a female-dominant industry but there are some successful men in this space too.

      Women who are single moms or those who are still working full-time jobs will get a motivating perspective watching Bianca’s story.

      I was able to watch Renee’s interview again and it reminded of all the transitions she went through as she stayed focused on the WHY of career flexibility and her daughter. Hearing how Freelance University (formerly VA Classroom University) has supported her journey in the past and still does today shows the longevity of being part of FreeU. Renee’s testimony inspired me all over again even though her background is different than mine.

      Thank you, Renee, John, Bianca, and Craig, of course!

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