7 thoughts on “Ten Tools to Power Your Dream Virtual Office”

    1. Hi Jena,
      Thanks for the list – perfectly timed, as I’m in the process of re-vamping my own home office for greater efficiency. One element I need is the time-tracking tool – I will definitely look into Toggl! Do you have any other suggestions for time-trackers?

      1. Jena Kroeker says:

        Thanks, Gary – I’m glad the list of tools was helpful. You might also like the FreshBooks time-tracking feature (https://www.freshbooks.com/timesheets-and-time-tracking) or another tool called Clockify (https://clockify.me/). Clockify is completely free.

      2. Sarah says:

        Gary – just to say that we use Clockify in our business and it’s amazing!

    2. Sarah says:

      Hi Jena – great article with food for thought; thank you!

      1. Jena Kroeker says:

        Thanks so much, Sarah! I’m glad to hear it was helpful.

    3. Pam Giacomello says:

      Thanks Craig – great timing! I have almost always worked in an office, when a friend’s daughter spoke about working for 2 professionals from home. Curiosity led me to a local network event, to today, where I am a happy FreelanceU client. Since 2008, this professionally-run online University, is helping me to focus on my new virtual work adventure. (It will be a great “Continued Education” option too!). This Blog took tasks I knew and proposed “one” App, (from many), to do them. Very helpful.

      1. Jena Kroeker says:

        Thanks, Pam! It’s wonderful to have you here at FreeU, and we’re so glad to hear the University and the blog have been helpful.

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