Join the #1 Freelance Community to Learn In-Demand Skills, Gain Confidence and Get Clients.

Access 80 powerful courses and expert mentorship to help you start and grow a recession-proof freelance career in 2023!

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“FreeU is an essential part of building my business and it should be part of your plan too. It will help you build your confidence, skills and knowledge to be successful.”

Jeanne Stribling
FreelanceU Student

Since 2008, we have helped over 25,000 students just like you…

Since 2008, we have helped over 25,000 students just like you…

What Makes Freelance University Different?

AN All-Access University

Gain instant access to niche freelance skills training with 80+ powerful certifications and courses for an affordable monthly or annual tuition plan. Everything you need to keep your skills current and competitive in 2023.

Experienced Mentors

Connect with talented and supportive mentors ready to answer your questions and point you in the right direction no matter your niche.

Income-Building Courses

Take advantage of powerful, skills-based training designed to transform your earning potential even in a down economy.

Professional Certifications

Stand out and get hired with industry-leading certifications in areas such as Social Media Management, Project Management, Virtual Assistance, Podcast Production, WordPress, and more.

Engaging Learning Community

Join a community of like-minded individuals all pulling in the same direction. They’re going to make it happen, and so are you!

Exclusive Directory and Job Board

Set up your profile in our Professional Directory and be seen by an active base of clients searching for skilled freelancers like you!

What Students are Saying about Freelance University!

"Freelance University has taken my business to another level."

Last week a client told me: I don’t know what you’ve been doing for the past couple of months, but you’re killing it”. You know the only thing that changed? I registered for FreeU! Since then, my clients have been giving me more responsibilities! Every time I have a question about how to handle a situation with a client, or a task, I am confident that I can get the answers in one of FreeU’s classes. Plus, the community is amazing!! I can genuinely say that Freelance University has expanded what I believed was possible. You need to sign up!

Eugenia Woo

"FreeU has been the primary motivator in the growth and success of my business".

Having launched my business at the onset of COVID-19 proved daunting at times but the fabulous FreeU community provided continuous inspiration and practical advice for growing even in the midst of this global pandemic.The value FreeU has added to my life and business far outweighs the costs involved and FreeU is actually incredibly affordable. I’d definitely recommend you join today and experience this encouraging group for yourself.

Julie Sykes

As a Freelance University student, you will gain full access to:

Certification Programs

Get full access to over 80 in-demand courses across seven training tracks: Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, Virtual Events & Media Manager, Online Business Manager, Virtual Assistant, WordPress Specialist, and Writer/Editor.

Monthly LIVE Workshops & Events

Every single month we offer a new LIVE, interactive workshop on the freelance and business topics that matter most to you! We invite expert guests specializing in a variety of niche areas to come and join us providing exposure to new, exciting, and the most up-to-date information and resources to support your business.

PLUS, you will get FULL access to our LIVE skill camps and summits!

Software Training and Technology Tutorials

Access practical, step-by-step courses and tutorials on software and apps most relevant to your business including social media management tools, project management tools, marketing landing page tools, ecommerce tools, productivity tools and so much more.

We will help you guard against “Shiny Object Syndrome” while still keeping you up-to-date on the latest and greatest tech tools.

Practical Training on Finding Ideal Clients

One of the most challenging parts of being a freelancer or virtual assistant is marketing your business and finding new clients. At FreeU, we’ve got you covered.

We offer practical training courses to help you market, recruit, onboard and manage your clients effectively. Check out our courses on Attracting Clients, Getting Referrals, Networking, Digital Cold Calling, and Leading a Winning Discovery Call.

Private Learning Community

Access a thriving community of like-minded entrepreneurs to discuss business topics, share successes, as well as tools and resources, with one another. Perfect for the constant source of support and inspiration you’ve been searching for.

The Private Learning Community is closely moderated by us (Craig & Kelly) along with amazing Mentors who have a combined experience of over 40 years in the freelance and VA industry! You will be in GREAT hands in our community.

Don’t freelance alone!

Regular Small Group Mastermind Sessions

Join our talented mentors and like-minded peers in small group sessions to work through the challenges you need to overcome in your business. Make meaningful connections and receive great insights in our Mastermind Sessions.

Business Templates & Checklists

In the work you do, there are so many systems that need to be set up and managed for your business (and your clients)!

Simplify your life with the click of a button thanks to many practical guides and checklists that keep your business running smoothly, night and day. It means you’ll never forget a thing, miss a deadline, or disappoint a customer. All you need to do is decide what to master first!

Freelance Directory & Job Board

As part of your enrollment to Freelance University, you will receive a visually appealing Professional Profile listing in our popular Freelance Directory! This will be an excellent opportunity for you to get connected with a wave of entrepreneurs in need of your awesome skills and experience!

We also receive ongoing job postings and client opportunities you will gain access to through the community as well as within your training center.

Find the Right Freelance Niche For You.

Access over 80+ Courses and choose from Eight Freelance Career Paths where you’ll learn the most in-demand skills today!


Explore Some Courses
Inside Freelance University

Meet the Co-Founders of Freelance University

Hi there!

When we started freelancing online in 2003, there was virtually no support or training for VAs or Freelancers. We had to figure everything out and learn the hard way. It was tough, but we got there in the end.

It’s our desire that all our students have the freedom to create their own business, define their work-life balance, and pursue a career that ignites their passions. That’s why we decided to launch Freelance University back in 2008 to provide a one-stop professional development platform for Freelancers, Virtual Assistants, and Online Professionals. Since then, we’ve had the privilege of training over 25,000 virtual professionals in more than 75+ countries.

We have enjoyed the great freedom of working from home while raising our 5 daughters who are the greatest blessings of our lives.

We look forward to meeting you and hopefully seeing you at our University soon!

To Your Success,
Craig & Kelly Cannings

Meet the Co-Founders of Freelance University

Hi there!

When we started freelancing online in 2003, there was virtually no support or training for VAs or Freelancers. We had to figure everything things out and learn the hard way. It was tough, but we got there in the end.

It’s our desire that all our students have the freedom to create their own business, define their work-life balance, and pursue a career that ignites their passions. That’s why we decided to launch Freelance University back in 2008 to provide a one-stop professional development platform for Freelancers, Virtual Assistants, and Online Professionals. Since then, we’ve had the privilege of training over 25,000 virtual professionals in more than 75+ countries.

We have enjoyed the great freedom of working from home while raising our 5 daughters who are the greatest blessings of our lives.

We look forward to meeting you and hopefully seeing you at our University soon!
To Your Success,
Craig & Kelly Cannings

A Look Inside Freelance University!

Take a few minutes and join this guided tour from co-founder, Craig Cannings.
“The amount of material available at Freelance University is phenomenal! The return on my investment is off the charts!”

Wanda Cox
Freelance University Student

What’s It Cost to Enroll in Freelance University?

Many online courses for freelancers cost up to $1,500 and those courses only teach ONE skill. And often there is no mentorship and community. So, you’re left on your own to figure things out.

Even if you skip the expensive courses and you just bought all the training you need from a course marketplace instead, at $10-$20 per course it adds up. Buying 80 courses (that’s how many courses are included in FreelanceU) would cost at least $800-$1000. That’s at a minimum. And you may not have access to expert mentorship, a supportive community and ongoing education like with Freelance University.
That’s why we’re not asking for $1,500 or even $1000 to enroll in Freelance University.
We’re giving you everything you need to grow a successful VA business for one low monthly or annual tuition plan.

Plus, Receive Two Valuable Bonuses...

Bonus #1

Fast Track Program

($497 Value)

The proven step-by-step action plan for freelancers and VAs who want to build a flexible business that gives them control of their time and income.

The Fast Track Program isn’t just a ‘course’: it’s a business implementation program for action takers!

By the end of the 6-module program, you will have:

developed a healthy, entrepreneurial mindset

You will uncover the 4 key areas of mindset including defining your purpose, addressing the “Imposter Syndrome” and boosting your confidence.

deTermined Your Business Plan and Goals

You will create an easy-to-implement 8-point business strategy and plan to sharpen your focus and get you moving in an exciting direction.

Identified the Ideal Services to Offer

You will complete a freelance personality assessment to identify your ideal niche and in-demand services to offer to your first clients.

Designed Your Personal BRand and Online Presence

You will determine how to design a distinctive personal brand and build a powerful website and social media presence to best attract your ideal clients.

Set Up Your Virtual Office, Systems and Processes

You will design your dream virtual office and set up your systems and technology to run your business like a finely-tuned machine

Built a Network of Ideal clients

You will learn and put into action five key marketing practices to find your first client including referrals, networking, email marketing, content marketing, and virtual cold-calling done the right way!

bonus #2

One-to-One Clarity
Coaching Call

($300 Value)

WOW! That’s over $700 of valuable training to complement everything you already receive at Freelance University!

Say YES to Freelance University and Get Everything You Need to Start and Grow Your Freelance Business Including:


Enter your description
$ 497
  • 80+ Skill-Based Courses ($10,200 Value)
  • Professional Certifications
  • Private and Supportive Community
  • Ongoing Support from Amazing Business Mentors
  • Live, Monthly Skills Workshops
  • Small Group Masterminds and Q&A
  • Business Templates and Checklists
  • Freelance Directory Listing and Job Board
  • BONUS #1: 1-to-1 Clarity Coaching Call ($300 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Website or LinkedIn Expert Video Review ($100 Value)

One-to-One Clarity Coaching Call

($300 Value)

One-to-One Clarity Coaching Call

($300 Value)

What Students are Saying about Freelance University!

The FreelanceU Money-Back Guarantee

We are absolutely confident that your enrollment at Freelance University will be an immensely valuable step forward for you, and will help you build and grow a rewarding and profitable freelance business this year!

Still, we want to be absolutely sure it is the right fit for you. So take 15 days to check out and evaluate the University. If for some reason, you decide the University is not right for you, then please contact our team at [email protected] and we will cancel your monthly or annual plan and refund your tuition right away.
Craig and Kelly Cannings
Co-Founders Freelance University

Frequently Asked Questions

Freelance University (commonly referred to as FreeU) is a one stop learning hub for new and established freelancers, virtual assistants, and online professionals to learn relevant skills, connect with like-minded instructors, mentors and peers, and build flexible, work-from-anywhere businesses.
Freelance University is for Freelancers, Virtual Assistants, and Online Professionals looking to gain valuable skills to start, grow or continue to build a business online.
While Freelance University is not specifically registered under a “traditional” educational body, we have aligned ourselves with the most highly regarded organizations and businesses in the Freelance industry. These agencies, organizations, and businesses openly encourage their members and followers to join Freelance University.

As well, Freelance University has trained over 25,000 freelancers and virtual professionals helping them find new client and income opportunities as a result of completing our training programs. We regularly receive a steady stream of testimonials on how our programs have positively impacted and even kick-started their virtual businesses. This is music to our ears!
You do not need any prior experience to begin training at Freelance University as our courses provide you with the necessary foundation and skills to build your virtual business. We welcome newbies, corporate junkies looking for a change, those wanting to escape the rat race, experienced and seasoned Freelancers, Virtual Assistants, and Online Professionals that are just trying to keep up with the industry, and everyone else out there that stumbled upon our site while late night googling “work from home”.

With both the Annual and Monthly enrollment plans to Freelance University, you will gain access to ALL of the 80+ courses within the University, a library of archived events and workshops, LIVE monthly events including Mastermind sessions, resources, and invited to join us in our private learning community for students at the University only.

When you choose the Annual Plan, you will also receive a BONUS 1-1 Clarity Coaching Call for you to use anytime throughout the year at Freelance University.

Yes, whether you are a new and aspiring Freelancer or Virtual Assistant or come to us with extensive experience in the online realm looking to upgrade your skills or expand your income opportunities, we provide a clear outline of career options as well as a breakdown of numerous learning pathways.

For those new to the online industry or just starting your business, we include a 10-Step Getting Started Course, so you get started the right way. We always recommend newbies starting with this course as it will lay a solid foundation to then progress to further training within the University. If you need any other recommendations, we are always ready and willing to provide suggestions.
Our Certification training programs have approximately 4-6 hours of video training, so the time it takes you to work through the material varies depending on how comfortable you are with the material. Our Courses have approximately 2-4hours of video training. We also offer other events that run between 60 min–2 hours in length.

Now, the above is based on the average (like us) person, so you may be much faster!
We currently have 80+ training programs within the University. The University also offers many other resources to support your training. Each year we add new courses or update existing courses, so the number is always growing which means your skills and experience is always growing!
YES, all events that we run LIVE, are recorded and added to the University to access at any time.
Presently, FreeU training programs are only available in English.
Yes, all training programs work on both platforms as well as all other Android and Apple mobile devices.
We update our training programs as much as possible throughout the year, but given how quickly the Internet landscape changes, we also add brand new versions when necessary to continue to offer the most current and up-to-date training.
We offer a private learning community for students of the University only. This serves as a support base for questions or comments surrounding each training program. You will receive assistance from our amazing FreeU Mentor Team as well as fellow Freelancers and Virtual Assistants within the University. Our community is truly second to none, but we highly recommend checking it out so you can see for yourself. We strongly believe, you should NEVER freelance alone!

Our Mentor Team also offers paid one-to-one mentoring. This is a value-added service we do make available to students of FreeU only.
Very simple…an Internet connection is all that is required to begin your training at Freelance University. There are different apps that may be necessary to download during the training, but we always direct students to the free downloads. We love FREE!

You will also receive access to a private Sandbox so you can practically apply what you are learning and avoid having to purchase all the software tools and programs. This is invaluable!
Yes, our training is self-directed and on-demand, so you can begin at any time and work at your own pace. We do offer LIVE events, but all are recorded and added to the University for you to access on your own time. We here at Freelance University have all sat in a “conventional” classroom, so we have made this as unconventional as possible as we find it fits much nicer into our busy lives.
You get access to everything within the University straight away. No waiting. Just jump in and begin training. When new courses are added to the University, depending on their length, we do choose at times to “drip” them out, but we will let you know the schedule in advance if this is the case. The University schedule is broken into 3 semesters and the new or updated courses set to release each semester are announced at the end of the previous semester. The online landscape changes so quickly and we are committed to offering in-demand niche skill training so we plan in 4-month cycles.
There doesn’t have to be if you don’t want one. By choosing either of our enrollment options, you will receive full access to the University as long as you want. This access will remain uninterrupted through Monthly or Annual automatic billing. Join us and we will ensure all of your education and training needs are met throughout the year. There are enough time limits in our lives; we don’t need another one!
Yes, to avoid any interruption in your training, your credit card will be automatically billed either on a Monthly or Annual basis depending on which enrollment plan you choose. If you choose the Annual plan, we will contact you 10 days prior to your renewal to give you a heads up that the charge will be processing soon.
Yes, Freelance University provides a monthly newsletter called The Learning Curve. As an enrollee at Freelance University, you will automatically receive this in your inbox every month. We also provide a weekly distribution called the Monday Memo that provides an overview of what is happening in the University each week.
We are very confident you will love us here at FreeU, but we know life happens and for various reasons, you may need to cancel. So, yes, if you enrolled in our Monthly Plan, you can cancel at any time. Simply email Support and we will take care of it…no questions asked.
At Freelance University, we accept the following:
  • Credit Card – Visa, MasterCard, and American Express
  • PayPal – we accept Paypalfor both our Monthly and Annual Plans
We do not accept payment by cheque, money order, or debit (unless it is attached to your credit card) at this time.
Yes, if you initially choose our Monthly Plan, but then decide you would like to upgrade to our Annual Plan to take advantage of the savings, send us a quick email so [email protected]…we will take care of it for you so you can continue training while putting some savings back in your pocket!
We are confident you will love us here at FreeU, but if for some reason, you are not 100% satisfied, we do provide a 15-day money back guarantee after you enroll in either our Monthly or Annual Plans.

Simply contact Support and we will cancel your future payments with us and refund your initial payment (no questions asked).

BUT, we are confident our relationship will be much longer than 15 days, so we look forward to growing our relationship over the next year!

**We do not provide any refunds outside of our 15-day money back guarantee period.
Once you have completed a Certification program within the University, you will immediately be issued a Certificate of Completion and Badge. You can proudly display the Certification and Badge on your site, within your marketing material, upload it to LinkedIn or display it within your other social media channels. And don’t forget to post within the Community so we can “Ohhhhh” and “Ahhhhhh” and give you a high ten!
We do not require you to re-certify every year; however, we do encourage all students to refresh their skills. Therefore, when we launch a new updated training course, we encourage you to take the new program. This will allow you to keep your skills current.

This industry changes so quickly, so start running and keep up with us!
Freelance University is a training center. We provide skill-based training to help you build and grow your business and keep your skills current and up-to-date. In addition, we do provide extensive resources on building and marketing your business which will help you secure clients, but we do not provide direct job/client placement. We are not a job referral agency. We will provide you with the tools and skills necessary to secure clients on your own.

With both enrollment plans, you will also receive a profile within our Freelance Directory and access to our Job Board.
As our Support Team is located worldwide, we do not provide live telephone support; however, you will receive prompt personalized service via email within 24 hours. We are quick…very quick – give us a try and we won’t disappoint.
We are here to HELP!! Contact us anytime at [email protected].

What Students are Saying about Freelance University!

"I LOVE the priceless information and training along with the Facebook community."

To me FreeU is almost a “necessary business expense” (which is tax deductible 😊) and worth every penny. Especially for a new freelance startup, there’s a lot of other “schools” out there, but none compare with this one. Additionally, Kelly and Craig bring so much of themselves to it and are awesome to deal with! This is a MUST!

Cindy Frisendahl

"I started my VA business in 2012 at the age of 57."

I wanted to be self employed, have a flexible schedule, be able to work from anywhere and do what I love. I also needed to hone my skill set. I found that with FreeU. FreeU has the best model for on-line training that I have ever seen for Freelancers. l love that for a yearly fee, I can take all of the courses offered in the comfort of my office at home or wherever I happen to be in the world!

Anne Bole


Ready to start and grow your freelancing career?

There are thousands of jobs and freelancing opportunities available for YOU. Join Freelance University today to discover how to get started and grow a successful, thriving Freelance or VA Business!

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