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We’ll help you discover your perfect freelance career…without the confusion, uncertainty, or overwhelm.

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What BOAT are you currently in?

The Cruise Ship

Fund Your Future and Embrace Adventure

You’ve retired (or are approaching retirement) from your full-time job and are ready to enjoy travel, recreation, and the freedom of this new season. By choosing a meaningful freelance career, you can fund your lifestyle while living with passion and purpose.

The Lifeboat

Stay Afloat and Thrive in a New Career

Whether you’re looking to pivot your career, explore new horizons, or unexpected circumstances led to a change in your career path, freelancing offers a welcome option to continue working and supporting yourself.

The Fishing Boat

Explore New Career Paths and Opportunities

Whether you’re seeking a new direction, exploring your passions, or charting a course for growth, cast your net wide and set sail toward a brighter professional future.

Freedom is the power to choose what you do everyday!

Do you want freedom…

Whatever “boat” you find yourself in, we believe you can…

You want this. But how? There’s so much information out there about starting a profitable freelance business!

It doesn’t have to be so overwhelming.

At Freelance University, we can help you gain…

freelance training online


Ditch the imposter syndrome and establish a healthy, confident mindset to start your freelancing journey.


Discover your niche and determine a clear plan with the right steps to get started quickly without any confusion.

freelance courses


Learn the right skills to stay relevant and earn a solid freelance income.


Identify, find, and attract the right clients you’d love to work with.


Get the support you need from expert freelancers.

Learn to Freelance


Experience the freedom of working from anywhere and earning the income you desire.


Over the past 16 years, we have helped thousands of students find their perfect freelance career path and develop the skills to start earning money.

Being a part of Freelance University has given me the confidence to make my dream a reality! The courses are fantastic, relevant and are constantly being updated with new content. I appreciate the support, knowledge and positive feedback from the private student community. You are NOT alone at Freelance University!

Linda Mae Olgivie

I started my business in 2012 at the age of 57. I wanted to be self-employed, have a flexible schedule, be able to work from anywhere and do what I love. I also needed to hone my skill set. I found that with Freelance University.

Ann Bole

Freelance University is one of the very few experiences I have found that offers a 360 degree support network to ensure your freelance success. Within the first three weeks of joining the University and applying what I learned, I had landed my first client… it just works!

John Easton

Meet the Co-Founders of Freelance University

Hi there!

It’s our desire that you have the confidence to create your own business, define your work-life balance, and pursue a freelance career path that fits your next chapter of life perfectly.

The 50+ desire something different:

  • To keep using their skills and experience.
  • To stay relevant in this ever-changing world.
  • To dive into work that’s not just a job, but makes a difference.
  • To keep the mental gears turning as the years roll on.
  • To mix in some work and travel fun along the way.

We started Freelance University back in 2008 to help you achieve this (and more) WITHOUT all of the uncertainty, confusion, and overwhelm that can distract you.

Are you ready to say YES to discovering your perfect freelance career and earn the income, flexibility, and freedom you desire?

To Your Success,
Craig & Kelly

Meet the Co-Founders of Freelance University

Hi there!

When we started freelancing online in 2003, there was virtually no support or training for VAs or Freelancers. We had to figure everything things out and learn the hard way. It was tough, but we got there in the end.

It’s our desire that all our students have the freedom to create their own business, define their work-life balance, and pursue a career that ignites their passions. That’s why we decided to launch Freelance University back in 2008 to provide a one-stop professional development platform for Freelancers, Virtual Assistants, and Online Professionals. Since then, we’ve had the privilege of training over 25,000 virtual professionals in more than 75+ countries.

We have enjoyed the great freedom of working from home while raising our 5 daughters who are the greatest blessings of our lives.

We look forward to meeting you and hopefully seeing you at our University soon!
To Your Success,
Craig & Kelly Cannings
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