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Freelance University

Affordable Monthly or Annual Tuition Plans (3 intakes per year)

The one-stop all-access learning platform for starting and growing your Freelance or Virtual Assistant business. Access in-demand skills training, mentorship, and a warm, insightful community ready to support your success journey this year and beyond. At Freelance University, you will gain immediate access to:

  • Over 80 Specialized Certifications and Courses to sharpen your skills and boost your income opportunities
  • A thriving community of like-minded freelancers who will help you navigate business challenges
  • Expert mentors to offer the guidance and support you need to confidently forge ahead in your business
  • Live workshops, office hours and masterminds to learn, discuss and get all your questions answered
  • Freelance software tutorials, tools and resources to manage your business success

The Fast Track Start-Up Program

Live 6-Week Training Program (2 intakes per year)

The premier start-up system to quickly launch your Freelance or Virtual Assistant business from scratch. If you are just starting out, need a do-over or feeling stuck, Fast Track will provide the clarity and a step-by-step process for getting started the right way. In this LIVE 6-week, small-group program, you will:

  • Develop a healthy entrepreneurial mindset
  • Map out a clear business strategy and action plan
  • Determine your niche and the ideal services to offer
  • Design your personal brand and online presence
  • Set up your virtual office, systems and processes
  • Build a network of potential ideal clients
  • Be ready to launch your Freelance Business in less than two months!

The Scale to Success Program

Live 6-Week Training Program (2 intakes per year)

The ultimate group training program for the SCALERS… those established VAs or Freelancers who are ready to break through their current ceiling to new levels of growth and success. If are actively serving clients, but would like to expand your operation and finally hit your desired income goal, STS will be your growth engine for reaching the income levels you have always desired for your business and lifestyle. In this LIVE 6-week program, you will:

  • Discover six growth strategies to amplify your business results
  • Explore how to amplify your niche and current services offerings to increase revenues
  • Learn a step-by-step plan on how to build a team or agency
  • Discover how to diversify your income streams to accelerate your growth engine
  • Evaluate and improve your current service packages to get paid what you’re worth

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