What FreeU Students Are Saying

"FreeU has been the primary motivator in the growth and success of my business. Launching my business at the onset of COVID-19 proved daunting at times but the fabulous FreeU community provided continuous inspiration and practical advice for growing even in the midst of this global pandemic. The value FreeU has added to my life and business far outweighs the costs involved and FreeU is actually incredibly affordable. I'd definitely recommend you join today and experience this encouraging group for yourself."

Julie Sykes

"There is a nice atmosphere in the learning community. The courses are very well structured and easy to follow. I am very happy with the content of the courses. I have learnt a lot, including areas I already knew very well. FreeU is a perfect choice for me and, I believe, for anyone who would like to learn a lot in the freelance remote work." "I love FreeU way of doing things and, above all, I value their deep professional and personal understanding."

Mercedes Guerrero

My experience at Freelance University has been phenomenal from the start. When I began researching my dream of starting a business from scratch in 2017, FreeU was the first place I found that offered a complete package of training and support for a very affordable investment. Now, three years later, I am still learning so much from the trainers and mentors at FreeU!

Paula Holsberry

FreeU is an essential part of building my business and it should be a part of your plan too. It will help you build your confidence, reputation, knowledge, and skills to be successful!

Jeanne Stribling

"Being a part of the FreeU community has given me the confidence to make my dream a reality! The courses are fantastic, relevant and are constantly being upgraded with new content introduced.I appreciate the support, knowledge and positive feedback from the Facebook community.You are NOT alone with FreeU!

Linda Mae Olgivie

"I've been freelancing for almost four years now and have found FreeU invaluable in developing my skills and building my confidence. The courses and workshops I've taken so far have been packed full of the information I need with no 'fluff'. Being a country girl from England and working with small businesses in the UK rural sector, I thought that FreeU would not be appropriate for me as it's a Canadian company. However, I was wrong and should have joined earlier in my freelance journey. So, don't be like me, join FreeU today and really kickstart your freelance career."

Sarah Liddle

"No matter your industry, FreeU offers something for you. I work full-time as a digital project manager as well as manage a side hustle as a course creator and etsy shop owner. The courses offered at FreeU are not only beneficial for up-leveling my personal business, but also as a full-time employee. Even better - these courses are not just theory but actual practical applications." "The FreeU community is also amazing. If there are questions everyone is so supportive. Of all my "business expenses", FreeU is one that is absolutely worth every penny!"

Anabeth Wilson

I started my VA business in 2012 at the age of 57. I wanted to be self employed, have a flexible schedule, be able to work from anywhere and do what I love. I also needed to hone my skill set. I found that with FreeU. FreeU has the best model for on-line training that I have ever seen for Freelancers. l love that for a yearly fee, I can take all of the courses offered in the comfort of my office at home or wherever I happen to be in the world!

Anne Bole

Freelance 101 provided me with a complete, step-by-step process for understanding of what is required to successfully set up a freelance business. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to start or grow their freelance business the right way!

Kathy Birkett

When this new course first came out, i thought it was just an update of VAC 101. Boy was I wrong! It complements VAC 101 for sure; but, it is packed full of so much more teaching and guidance! If your looking for True Absolute Inspiration and Teaching, you Have To take this course, no matter if your just starting or have been a Freelancer for Ions😊 if you don't gleem something throughout the course maybe you need to revamp your Mindset! So glad i came across Freelance U and all the valuable courses it continues to offer!!

Sharon Gilbert