What FreeU Students Are Saying

I’ve spent thousands on courses, ranging from inexpensive to gut-punch level expensive, and I’m impressed with the quantity and quality of education on this platform. With the emphasis on practical knowledge, you get what you need to practice your skills right away.

Karen Mackenzie

"Freelance University has taken my business to another level. Last week a client told me: "I don't know what you've been doing for the past couple of months, but you're killing it". You know the only thing that changed? I registered for FreeU! Since then, my clients have been giving me more responsibilities! Every time I have a question about how to handle a situation with a client, or a task, I am confident that I can get the answers in one of FreeU's classes. Plus, the community is amazing!! I can genuinely say that Freelance University has expanded what I believed was possible. You need to sign up!"

Eugenia Woo

BRAVO a very valuable summit and cannot wait for the next one!!

Testimonial 6

Keep up the great work! You both have provided excellent, on-point and useful information from fantastic experts. Muchas Gracias! Your goal of providing excellence is appreciated!

Testimonial 5

I attend a lot of summits and this one was one of the best. Lots of great speakers who get to the point and share info. That's the most important thing. Craig is great at hosting.

Testimonial 4

Amazing job, all around! I gained clarity, direction, knowledge, inspiration, and motivation. Thank you to the whole FreeU summit team!

Testimonial 3

This summit has been fundamental in my business - I will be referring anyone I know to Freelance University. Thank you for all your hard work.

Testimonials 2TicTok Virtual Assistance

It was just the right amount of days and speakers. The music was fantastic! This was the best summit I have ever attended in all of my years of being a freelancer. I can't wait for next year's summit!

Testimonial 1

FreeU has been the primary motivator in the growth and success of my business. Launching my business at the onset of COVID-19 proved daunting at times but the fabulous FreeU community provided continuous inspiration and practical advice for growing even in the midst of this global pandemic. The value FreeU has added to my life and business far outweighs the costs involved and FreeU is actually incredibly affordable. I'd definitely recommend you join today and experience this encouraging group for yourself.

Julie Sykes

"There is a nice atmosphere in the learning community. The courses are very well structured and easy to follow. I am very happy with the content of the courses. I have learnt a lot, including areas I already knew very well. FreeU is a perfect choice for me and, I believe, for anyone who would like to learn a lot in the freelance remote work." "I love FreeU way of doing things and, above all, I value their deep professional and personal understanding."

Mercedes Guerrero