What FreeU Students Are Saying

I started my VA business in 2012 at the age of 57. I wanted to be self employed, have a flexible schedule, be able to work from anywhere and do what I love. I also needed to hone my skill set. I found that with FreeU. FreeU has the best model for on-line training that I have ever seen for Freelancers. l love that for a yearly fee, I can take all of the courses offered in the comfort of my office at home or wherever I happen to be in the world!

Anne Bole

Freelance 101 provided me with a complete, step-by-step process for understanding of what is required to successfully set up a freelance business. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to start or grow their freelance business the right way!

Kathy Birkett

When this new course first came out, i thought it was just an update of VAC 101. Boy was I wrong! It complements VAC 101 for sure; but, it is packed full of so much more teaching and guidance! If your looking for True Absolute Inspiration and Teaching, you Have To take this course, no matter if your just starting or have been a Freelancer for Ions😊 if you don't gleem something throughout the course maybe you need to revamp your Mindset! So glad i came across Freelance U and all the valuable courses it continues to offer!!

Sharon Gilbert

The video training along with the supporting handouts in 30 Days to Freelance Freedom were very helpful! The length of each module was perfect for me, especially with my busy schedule!

Sabrina Smith

"I LOVE the priceless information and training along with the Facebook community. To me FreeU is almost a “necessary business expense” (which is tax deductible 😊) and worth every penny. Especially for a new freelance startup, there’s a lot of other “schools” out there, but none compare with this one. Additionally, Kelly and Craig bring so much of themselves to it and are awesome to deal with! This is a MUST!"

Cindy Frisendahl

Freelance University is one of the very few experiences I have found that offers a 360 degree support network to ensure your freelance success. Within the first three weeks of joining the University and applying what I learned, I had landed my first client… it just works!

John Easton

I really value the content and the friendly atmosphere. The topics are current and nicely presented. The team is amazing.

Jill Bucher

The courses are extremely helpful in providing someone with skills in preparation to provide clients with in-demand services and keeping up with the trends for what clients want. FreelanceU is cost-effective. Taking the courses offered by FreelanceU provides us with amazing knowledge and helps us to develop and enhance our expertise in so many areas without spending thousands of dollars by going to a community college. Most of the courses that FreelanceU offers are not offered at community colleges or universities. I would highly recommend FreelanceU in a heartbeat to new virtual assistants and solopreneurs who want to develop new skills or enhance existing skills.

Barb Gilbert

I recommend Freelance University for three main reasons. One, for the support from the community and mentors in the FB group. Whenever I have a Q about anything I think about asking FreeU first. Two, the wealth of trainings available on such a varied range of subjects. Three, the Freelance Directory.

Elizabeth Smith

I don't know why I held off from registering with Freelance University for so long! I guess it was because I didn't know what I was missing, but also because I'd been in the industry so long - wasn't sure I really needed to come here. Sitting in on a free session several months ago changed that though, and I'm learning so much more, to add to what I already know and do. Thanks to Craig, Kelly and team!

Kathie Thomas