The Freelance University Mentoring Program is offered to FreeU Students Only who would like to access 1-to-1 guidance, support, or skill-based training while they are building and growing their freelance business.

Our Mentors help you sharpen your skills so you can attract and wow clients with your expert knowledge.

How does the One-To-One Mentoring Program Work?

Step 1

Check out the Mentor Profiles below and decide who you would like to speak with.

Step 2

Choose your session date and time, tell us a bit about what’s on your mind, and book it!

Step 3

Meet with your Mentor and leave with clarity, actionable advice or a new skill!

Meet the FreeU Mentors

Janice Hurlburt

Welcome! My name is Janice Hurlburt, and I’m the owner of Janice Hurlburt Online Management. I’m an Online Visibility Pro and Scheduling Coach (Acuity Certified Expert). In 2012, after more than 18 years in Project Management, I created an online management business supporting coaches and entrepreneurs with their product launches, marketing funnels, and online coaching program setup.

I’ve worn many hats in my career and learned to balance business with adventure in the great outdoors. For seven years, my partner and I lived on a sailboat, operating a sailboat charter business in Costa Rica for three of those years. This experience strengthened my self-reliance and intuitive ability to think ahead, planning a course of action from start to finish.
I’d love to be the cartographer on your business journey, helping you map your internet marketing strategies and action steps so we can chart your course to success and attract your ideal clients.

My session with Janice was on point, concrete and she included actionable to-dos in her follow-up.  Janice did her research before the mentor meeting showing initiative.  This trait alone shows leadership; guiding by example.  Thank you FreeU, and your team of amazing staff and mentorship!


Work with me if you need help with:

  • Boosting Your Online Visibility
  • Setting up the top 3 in-demand Marketing Funnels
  • Strategizing product launch email marketing campaigns
  • Improving new client conversion rates through Acuity’s time-saving scheduling and enrollment process

Susan Weeks

My road from Corporate Training Manager to Freelancer has been varied and winding, with plenty of interesting experience and clients along the way! I expect your path towards Freelance freedom has been equally as interesting. But going forward, I am here to save you from those bumps in the road…

Over the years I have helped my clients with many aspects of content marketing – video marketing, book marketing and blogging, and my current focus (and joy) is podcasting. I have also launched my own podcast, and I absolutely love doing it! Leading my clients is a key strength. Content marketing in all its forms, is my key service. Strong project management, alongside setting and achieving realistic goals, is my key tactic.

No matter where you are in your Freelance journey, I’d love to help you simplify your strategy, create clarity & move forward with areas that are causing you headaches.

It exceeded my expectations!


Work with me if you need help with:

  • Content Marketing - strategy, organization & planning
  • Content Creation & Repurposing
  • Video Marketing
  • Podcasting
  • Project Management
  • Goal Setting & Achieving
  • Video and Audio Editing
  • Planning and Implementing Marketing Funnels

Tammy S. Durden

Hello, my name is Tammy, I am a Business & Marketing Coach with Fearless Business Boss. I help clients move forward on their business journey. Whether startups, scaling through outsourcing, or are growing your business, I use proven strategies, planning, & with resources & tools to move you forward.


I am honored to be FreeU’s Business Management Mentor. My #freedomjourney began because I needed to work from home due to my disability (from MS & lupus) & we needed additional family income, while I homeschooled our 3 children (now grown).  I knew I could easily transition my skills (from ‘Corporate Life’) to the virtual world. I did not realize, however, how much the courses at FreeU (formerly VA Classroom) would help me up my skills (& my rates) so I could eventually create a boutique digital marketing agency.


Over the last few years, I also began offering coaching services and was so blessed to be able to exit my agency In December 2020. I love the freedom freelancing affords you to discover & pursue your passions! 


Success takes perseverance, hard work, & consistency and is different for every person.


I hope I can help you in your #freedomjourney.    

Tammy was very helpful and encouraging throughout the call, providing validation of where I am and the direction I am moving in, as well as great comments and suggestions. Thank you for offering this service!! I encourage everyone to book a session!


Work with me if you need help with:

  • Setting up Your Business and/or Picking Your Niche
  • Feeling ‘stuck’ or Not Sure Where to Go From Here
  • Time Management and/or Balancing a Virtual Lifestyle
  • Business Management (your company or client)
  • Creating Your Packages/Rates
  • Setting up a Team (Multi-Virtual Professional or Multi-VA Company)
  • Attracting Clients
  • Bookkeeping as a Service
  • Creating Systems and Processes
  • OBM (Online Business Management) Services
  • Creating Your Free Offer
  • Marketing Your Own Business

Sabrina Espinal

How do you want to feel when you are creating, working and designing your business? It is so important to define your “why” and “non-negotiables” for yourself and your business so you can build a business and life that feels good to you.

I’m Sabrina and I started Sabrina&Company Marketing in 2009 after escaping from “Corporate America”. I was blessed to learn about Craig Cannings (the co-founder of VAClassroom and Freelance University) through a good friend. The courses and community have been invaluable in creating and building my business.

At Freelance University, I’m delighted to be a Community Manager and Mentor. In my business, I provide social media marketing, customer service, graphics, websites, and business coaching to clients. I believe that everything is social and everyone deserves more than 15 minutes of fame. I would enjoy helping you define your passion, solve an issue or get a project ready to launch.

Sabrina is great – real and smart. I appreciate her candor and understanding of the industry. She took the time to ask thoughtful questions and put an action plan together for me, which is extremely helpful as I am starting out in Social Media Management. I look forward to booking more time with Sabrina in the near future!


Work with me if you need help with:

  • Business Planning
  • Graphic Design and Images
  • Your Branding Look
  • Defining Your Passion & Clients
  • Social Media for Your Business

Barb Henry

Hi, I’m Barb!  My journey began in 2001 helping to build a corporate intranet website the old-fashioned way with nothing but code.

Building websites was just a hobby in the beginning. I wasn’t into playing games or watching TV so I would spend my free time learning about the web. I haven’t changed. Learning is fun for me. In 2005, I left the corporate world and became an independent consultant tasked with many different roles but still building websites whenever I could. I’ve played with other website platforms but once I entered the wonderful world of WordPress, I was hooked for life.

It’s highly likely that you have a website or are considering building one. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have someone with real experience and knowledge to talk to about your website and all that goes with it?  Over the years, my life has taken different paths, but the one thing that has remained consistent is my love of building websites and supporting others with their website needs. Wherever you are on your website journey, I’m here to help you make the best choices for you and your business by eliminating the confusion. Know that success can be in your future.

I would like to give a shout out to Barb Henry. She brought some light back into a dark scary tunnel! This wonderful lady helped me to regain some belief in my ability to tackle WordPress. There are few people that would have done what you did and I cannot thank you enough.


Work with me if you need help with:

  • How to Get Started With a Website
  • Choosing a Domain Registrar and Hosting Company
  • Determining the Best WordPress Theme, Page Builder, and Plugins
  • How to Keep your Website Safe and Secure
  • Website Care & Maintenance for Yourself or Clients