Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to speak to a live support person?

As our Support Team is located worldwide, we do not provide live telephone support; however, you will receive prompt personalized service via email within 24 hours. We are quick…very quick – give us a try and we won’t disappoint.

I need HELP! Who do I contact?

We are here to HELP!! Please go directly to our Support page at:

However, we recommend checking out our FAQs as we have worked really hard to try and answer all of your questions here. If you still need help though, don’t hesitate to drop us an email.

Do you help me find a job?

Freelance University is a training center. We provide skill-based training in areas such as Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Virtual Events, Content Creation, Technology, Business Management and much more. In addition, we do provide extensive resources on building and marketing your business which will help you secure clients, but we do not provide direct job/client placement. We are not a job referral agency. We will provide you with the tools and skills necessary to secure clients on your own. We do offer the FreeU Professional Directory where you can post your profile and be seen by clients seeking online services.

We want you to find projects and clients, so we will help you all we can, except we won’t go to the interview with you.

When do I receive my Certification?

Once you have completed a Certification program within the University, immediately you will receive a Certificate of Completion as well as a graphic badge. You can proudly display the badge on your site, within your marketing material, upload immediately to LinkedIn and to your FreeU Professional profile within our directory.

Do I need to re-certify every year?

We do not require you to re-certify every year; however, we do encourage all of our students to refresh their skills. Therefore, when we launch a new updated training course, we encourage you to take the new program. This will allow you to keep your skills current.

This industry changes so quickly, so start running and keep up with us!

Do you offer refunds?

We do provide a 15 day refund period, so if for some reason after taking a peek at the University, you feel it simply isn’t the right fit for your training needs, please contact Support and we will cancel your Annual or Monthly Plan with us and refund your initial payment. BUT, we are confident our relationship will be much longer than 15 days, so we look forward to growing our relationship! We do not provide any refunds beyond our 15 day money back guarantee period.

I received a Decline Notice

If you received a Decline Notice, your payment was unable to be processed. Please click on the links provided to update your credit card information if necessary. The most common reasons we receive for a declined payment are:

  • The address no longer matches the address your credit card company has on file and must be updated.
  • The card has expired and the expiration date must be updated.
  • Your credit card company does not recognize the charge and has put a freeze on your card. You must then contact your credit card company to explain the charge and have them lift it.
  • Your credit card company does not authorize “International” payments if you reside outside of Canada.
  • Your credit card company has placed a security measure on your card that prohibits the charge.

If the payment continues to decline, please contact Support for further assistance. Don’t stress about this one. 99% of the time, this is just a blip and we’ll get it worked out quickly.  Typically, a quick call to your credit card company resolves all of the above.

Why is there an additional 3% charge on my payment?

Freelance University does not add any additional charges to your payment. However, some credit card providers do charge a 3% “International” charge for those purchases made to companies located outside of your home country. We are proudly a Canadian company; therefore, if you are seeing an additional charge, we would suggest contacting your credit card company directly. Some of our clients choose to use a different credit card that does not charge the International fee. There are still some out there!

What are my payment options?

At Freelance University, we accept the following:

  • Credit Card – Visa, Mastercard, American Express
  • Pay Pal – we accept for our Annual Plan only. We are unable to process monthly payments via Paypal

We do not accept payment by cheque, money order, or debit (unless it is attached to your credit card) at this time.

What does the Freelance University include?

We offer two enrollment options at Freelance University:

Will my tuition recur and my credit card charged?

No, we will not rebill your credit card if you choose the Annual Plan.  We will notify you prior to your expiration date providing you with instructions on how to renew for another year and continue your training uninterrupted. We are confident you will want to continue your access to Freelance University, but we want you to make that decision.

If you choose our Monthly Plan, we will continue to autobill your credit card until you choose to cancel.  This allows for no interruptions in your learning.

Does Freelance University have a newsletter? How do I subscribe?

Yes, Freelance University provides a monthly newsletter called “The Learning Curve”. As a student of FreeU, you will automatically receive this in your inbox every month. We also provide a weekly distribution called the “Monday Memo” that provides an overview of what is happening in the University each week. Watch for both of those!

Can I cancel my monthly payment at Freelance University?

We know life happens, so we do offer the flexibility to cancel your monthly payment at any time.  Simply email Support and we will take care of it.

We do provide a 15-day refund period, so if for some reason, after taking a peek at the University, you feel it simply isn’t the right fit for your training needs, please contact Support and we will cancel your Monthly or Annual Plan with us and refund your initial payment. BUT, we are confident our relationship will be much longer than 15 days.

How do I remove myself from your mailing list?

We provide an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of all of our correspondence. If you want to triple-check though, please contact Support directly. We will miss you!

What if I have questions about a training program, tool, or resource within the University?

We have created a private Facebook group for students within the University. We would highly encourage you to join this group immediately after enrolling as this will be the ideal avenue to share your comments and ask questions during and after you finish any training program. Any questions you may have pertaining to specific topics covered will be quickly addressed through this group by our FreeU Mentor Team.

We are biased, but we are confident you will be blown away not only by the quality of training, but by the vast amount of support readily available to you through our community.

Is there a pathway to take when starting the training?

Yes, whether you are a new and aspiring online professional, freelancer or virtual assistant or have years of experience behind you, but are  looking to upgrade your skills or expand your income opportunities, we provide a clear outline of 7 training tracks:

  1.  Social Media
  2.  Internet Marketing
  3.  Content Development
  4.  Digital Media & Events
  5.  Technology
  6.  Graphic Design
  7.  Business Management & Admin Support

For those brand new to the virtual industry or just starting your business, we include our “Starter” program within the University called Freelance 101.  We always recommend newbies starting with this course as it will lay a solid foundation to then progress to further training within the University. If you need any other recommendations, please contact Support.

How long does it take to complete a training program?

Our Certification training programs have approximately 15-20 hours of video, so the time it takes you to work through the material varies depending on how comfortable you are with it. Our Courses have approximately 6-8 hours and our LIVE Workshops are approximately 90 minutes.

Now, the above is based on the average (like us) person, so you may be much faster!

How many training programs are included in the University?

We currently have 60+ training programs within the University including Certification programs and Courses. The University also offers past replays of LIVE workshops, tutorials, and other resources. Each year we add new programs to the University, so the number is always growing which means your skills and experience is always growing!

What is the difference between a Course, a Certification program and a Workshop?

Our Certification training programs provide extensive, on-demand training containing approximately 15-20 hours of video as well as resources, tests, and a Certificate of Completion upon completion. Our Courses are also available in an on-demand format and focus on a niche skill/topic containing approximately 6-8 hours of video teaching. Our Workshops run LIVE every month in 90 minute sessions and the replay will also be available within the University.

Are your Workshops and other Events recorded?

YES, all Workshops and monthly Events run LIVE, but the replays will be added to the University within 48 hours to access at any time.

Are the training programs available in other languages?

Presently, all training programs are only available in English.

Will the training programs work on both a Mac and PC and all other devices?

Yes, all training programs work on both platforms as well as all other Android and Apple devices.  They are only accessible online and cannot be downloaded.

How often are the training programs updated?

We update our training programs as much as possible throughout the year, but given how quickly the Internet landscape changes, we also add brand new versions when necessary to continue to offer the most current up-to-date training.

If I’m having trouble understanding the course material, is live tutoring available?

We offer a private Facebook group for students of the University. This serves as a support base for questions or comments surrounding each training program. You will receive assistance from our amazing FreeU Mentor Team, trainers, and other students within the University.

And…we are pleased to offer monthly Virtual Office Hours where you can bring your questions, challenges and discussion topics that are important to your business right now. The monthly Virtual Office Hours is a great place to connect LIVE with other students and get up to speed on pertinent topics in the industry. See you there!

What technology do I need for the Freelance University?

Very simple…an Internet connection is all that is required to begin your training at Freelance University. There are different programs that may be necessary to download during the training, but we always direct students towards the free downloads. We like FREE!

Are the training programs self-directed?

Yes, most of our training is self-directed and on-demand, so you can begin at any time and work at your own pace. Our Workshops, however, are offered LIVE once a month and then added to the University. We here at FreeU have all sat in a “conventional” classroom, so we have made this as unconventional as possible as we find it fits much nicer into our busy lives.

Is there a time limit for completing each training program?

There doesn’t have to be if you don’t want one. By choosing either of our enrollment options, you will receive full access to the University as long as you want. This access will remain uninterrupted through monthly or yearly automatic billing. Join us and we will ensure all of your education and training needs are met throughout the year. There are enough time limits in our lives; we don’t need another one!

My order failed.

We would suggest attempting to order again, ensuring the following:

• The credit card number entered is exact.

• The address entered is the exact address your credit card company has on file. If this address does not match, your order will be declined.

• Contact your credit card company to ensure there are no security measures in place prohibiting the payment. This is the #1 reason orders fail and is quickly resolved by contacting your credit card company.

These all happen, so don’t stress. If you continue to have problems, just drop us a note at Support and we will work it out.

I am having problems enrolling.

If you are having problems completing your registration, please contact Support, telling them exactly where you are experiencing problems. We will work to resolve this quickly.

What is Freelance University?

Formerly known as VAClassroom University, Freelance University (commonly referred to as FreeU) is a one-stop learning hub for new and established freelancers, virtual assistants, and online professionals to learn relevant skills, connect with like-minded instructors, mentors and peers, and build successful businesses online.

Is Freelance University (FreeU) accredited?

With the growing base of online learning opportunities out there, it is important to use the “right” measuring stick when evaluating online courses and certification programs. Since most of these courses are not governed under a particular education body, it is important to ask the following questions before jumping into an online training program:

  • What respected associations or companies in your industry support and endorse the training program?
  • How has the training program helped graduates to increase their income opportunities?

While Freelance University is not specifically registered under a “traditional” educational body, we have put the following measures in place to enhance the credibility of our training center. First of all, we have aligned ourselves with the most highly regarded organizations and businesses in the freelance industry.

Secondly and most importantly, FreeU has trained over 10,000 online professionals, helping them find new client and income opportunities as a result of completing our training certification programs. We regularly receive a steady stream of testimonials on how our programs have positively impacted and even kick-started their virtual businesses. This is music to our ears!

To hear more from our graduates and get all the details on the training programs, stop by and visit us today at

Who is Freelance University for?

Freelance University is for Freelancers, Virtual Assistants, and Online Professionals looking to gain valuable skills to start, grow or continue to build a thriving online business.

Is Freelance University training for beginners or for those with a certain level of experience?

You do not need any prior experience to begin training at Freelance University as our courses provide you with the necessary foundation and skills to build your virtual business. We welcome newbies, corporate junkies looking for a change, those wanting to escape the rat race, experienced and seasoned Freelancers, Virtual Assistants, and Online Professionals that are just trying to keep up with the industry, and everyone else out there that stumbled upon our site while late night googling.

The Virtual Skills Summit is a unique learning opportunity to develop 10 in-demand skills in 3 days that will amplify your client and income opportunities in 2021 and beyond.

3 Days–10 Speakers–10 Skills–10 Income Opportunities

The Virtual Skills Summit is hosted by Freelance University and Co-founder, Craig Cannings, who will be introducing each session, interacting with speakers and attendees and offering a few live sessions as well.

This is for anyone who wants to up-level their digital skills whether you call yourself a freelancer, VA, social media specialist, podcaster, content marketer, writer, copywriter, and so on…OR you are just dipping your toes in to the online realm and want to catch a glimpse of new opportunities.

You can choose to attend FREE or you can purchase an All-Access Pass at a 50% discount. Send us a note to [email protected] to request your 50% discount coupon code for the All-Access Pass!

As we serve a global audience and have invited speakers from all over the world to join us and to avoid possible technical glitches, all speaker sessions are pre-recorded, but we will be broadcasting them LIVE at the scheduled time.

Craig, your host, and the speaker will join you in the chat so they can give full attention to answering your questions during each session.

After each speaker session, there will be a real LIVE Q&A with Craig and the speaker so you don’t want to miss this!

Attending the sessions LIVE allows you to interact in real-time with the host, speakers, and other attendees.  PLUS, we have fabulous giveaways at every LIVE session you won’t want to miss! But, we recognize this simply isn’t feasible for everyone, so the All-Access Pass provides you with the flexibility to tune in on your own time.

Each session will be happening LIVE at its scheduled time with Craig, Co-founder of Freelance University, introducing the sessions and interacting with speakers and attendees in the chat.

If you can’t make the LIVE sessions, you can upgrade to the All-Access Pass allowing you to tune in at any time that works for your schedule.

No. We will not share your email address with anyone. Speakers will be sharing their websites, special offers, and bonuses and we would highly recommend taking advantage of their offerings, but it is completely up to you what you choose to opt-in to receive.

The only emails you will receive will be from Freelance University and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Absolutely! The All-Access Pass allows you to tune in to the sessions from anywhere, at any time, and listen at your own pace…for 12 full months (until the Virtual Skills Summit 2022).

When you purchase the All-Access Pass, you get instant access to ALL speaker session recordings available to you by logging in to Freelance University.

You can get all the benefits of the Skills Summit on your own terms, on your own timeline PLUS the following:

  • Podcast version of all the sessions so that you can listen on the go.
  • 10 Speaker Presentation Handouts
  • 10 Speaker Action Checklists
  • 10 Speaker Bonuses and/or Discounts
  • BONUS Skills Summit Follow-up Q&A with Craig from Freelance University
  • BONUS Course “The Freelancer’s Toolbox”

YES! Upgrade at any time to take advantage of all of the benefits of the Skills Summit for 12 full months.

Nothing at all. You can grab a FREE ticket to attend ALL LIVE sessions of the Skills Summit. If you want to listen to the recordings and receive full access to speaker bonuses, check out the All-Access Pass.

You will receive instant access to all content when you purchase the All-Access Pass, but we do offer a 5-Day Money Back Guarantee. We are very confident you will love the speakers, bonuses and more, but if for some reason you are not satisfied, please email [email protected] to request a full refund BEFORE [11:59] PM EDT on the 5th day after your purchase.

Refunds will not be granted beyond the 5th day.

Closed-captioning will not be available for the LIVE or on-demand sessions; however, we will be providing transcripts within the All-Access Pass to allow for greater accessibility of the session content.

We will be providing Action Checklists plus Full Transcripts for every speaker session for those who have purchased an All-Access Pass.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Team at [email protected].