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Kelly & Craig Cannings

Co-founders, Freelance University

In this important FREE masterclass, you will learn...

  • THREE primary "boats of life" you might find yourself in and how to get ready for a thriving freelance career.
  • The top THREE mistakes commonly made when starting to freelance and why they will cost you precious time and money.
  • A proven 4-step framework to successfully start freelancing the right way.

Are you ready to experience the JOY of freelance freedom?

This masterclass will walk through a simple 4-step framework to start freelancing the right way so you can begin enjoying the time, location, and financial freedom you desire!

Meet Craig & Kelly!

Craig and Kelly Cannings co-founded Freelance University in 2008 and have had the privilege of helping over 25,000 students realize their dream of starting a rewarding and flexible freelance business.

Freelance University is a one-stop learning community to help you gain the income, flexibility, and freedom you desire.

Craig and Kelly have five young adult daughters and reside near the beautiful mountains of Banff, Canada!

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