We started our flexible, freelance lifestyle 20 years ago and we would love to help you do the same!

By the end of the 60 days, you will:

Develop an entrepreneurial mindset

Make the critical shift from an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial one! Learn to be your own boss, make important decisions and develop healthy relationships with your clients.

Determine your business strategy and goals

Identify your BIG WHY and the driving motivation for starting your Freelance business. Discover a simple framework for setting clear and actionable goals that get you moving quickly in your business.

Choose the ideal services to offer

Walk through a 4-step assessment to determine the IDEAL niche services to offer clients that will complement your passions and strengths AND help you reach your income goals.

Design your
personal brand

Discover the 7 Ps to creating a powerful brand and online presence that attracts your ideal clients! Learn some useful strategies for picking the right business name and a compelling tagline.

Set up your virtual office, systems & processes

Discover the right tools and technology to set up your Virtual Office from anywhere. Identify five types of business systems you will need to manage and grow your business!

Build your network of ideal clients

Discover five proven ways to find great clients. Determine simple strategies for building a thriving network of potential clients who are interested in working with you!

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