The Opportunity to Start Your Freelance Business is very Timely right now…

  • The current global pandemic is causing many to consider freelancing as a viable work-from-home opportunity
  • Freelance job postings rose by 41% in 2020 and grow much faster than traditional employment
  • 47% of US companies are more likely to work with Freelance professionals than before the Global Pandemic
  • It is forecasted that by 2021, almost 50% of the US workforce will be freelancing in some form
The Freelance opportunities are truly amazing, but what might be holding you back getting started right now?

Are You Struggling With...

  • Knowing the right steps to get your business started and moving in the right direction?
  • Choosing which niche services you should be offering clients?
  • Determining which skills and tools you need to run a meaningful, "work-from-home" business?
  • Finding profitable clients and new income opportunities?
  • Overcoming your doubts that you can actually run a highly successful freelance business?

Fortunately for you, there is now a simple pathway to finding success…

Introducing Freelance Success in 30 Days or Less

A Proven 10-Step System to Launching (and Growing) Your Freelance Business!

Freelance Success in 30 Days or Less will guide you step by step through the process of setting up, launching, managing and growing your Freelance Business.

This powerful video-based program includes:

  • Ten practical training modules taught by a 16-year freelancer veteran
  • A 30-day, easy-to-implement curriculum that you can follow to quickly launch your business
  • Over 50 easy-to-watch training videos that you can access anytime, anywhere and at your own pace
  • Powerful checklists, guides and worksheets to help you put into action all that you’re learning
  • A user-friendly online learning platform that makes it easy to keep track of your course progress
  • Unlimited email support so you can ask any question you have as you navigate through the course.

What Students are Saying…


Hi there!

When my wife Kelly and I started freelancing online in 2003, there was virtually no support or training for VAs or Freelancers. We literally had to figure things out on our own and it took a lot longer to find success!

It was for this reason that we decided to launch Freelance University (formerly VAClassroom) back in 2008 to provide a one-stop platform for Virtual Assistants, Freelancers and Online Professionals to learn and develop in-demand skills and create awesome new income streams in their business. Since 2008, we have had the privilege of training over 12,000 virtual professionals in over 70 countries.

Kelly and I have enjoyed the great freedom of working from home while raising and homeschooling our 5 daughters who are the greatest blessings of our lives.

I look forward to meeting you and hopefully seeing you in our Freelance Success in 30 Days or Less course real soon!

I leave you with my favorite quote from marketing guru, Seth Godin:

“The only worse thing about starting and failing is not starting something at all.”

The Top Freelancers Use Our Powerful Ten-Step System…

Develop Your Entrepreneur's Mindset
Step one

Develop Your Entrepreneur's Mindset

Module One is designed to assess and evaluate your readiness to start an at-home Freelance Business and identify some key steps to help you get moving in the right direction. Discover some important strategies for making the mental shift from an employee to an entrepreneur.

Define Your Big Why
Step two

Define Your Big Why

In Module Two, you will discover your driving motivators for launching your Freelance business. You will walk through a simple exercise for defining your BIG WHY, business vision, goals and action plan.

Discover Your Niche
Step three

Discover Your Niche

In this module, you will assess your passions, interests, skills and experience to identify the best niche for you right now. You will learn the top 150 Freelance skills and services that clients are actively seeking today and identify ways to expand your existing income streams.

Build Your Personal Brand
Step four

Build Your Personal Brand

In Module Four, you will define your personal brand as well as select your Business name and tagline. You will learn the 7 keys to selecting the right website domain name for your Business.

Build Your Online Presence
Step five

Build Your Online Presence

In this module, you will research and identify the right Website Platform to use for your business. You will plan out your website, select your technology, and get it ready to launch! You will also discover the keys to building a powerful Social Media presence.

Build Your Business Structure and Office
Step six

Build Your Business Structure and Office

In Module Six, you will discover how to set up BOTH ends of your business: Your Back End which includes your business structure, physical office, business systems and technology and Your Front End which includes your client work, networking, marketing materials and social media presence.

Determine Your Service  Rates & Packages
Step seven

Determine Your Service Rates & Packages

In this module, you learn some simple strategies for effectively packaging, pricing and positioning your freelance services. You will review the three most common types of service packages and determine the best method for get paid by your clients!

Build Your Success Network
Step eight

Build Your Success Network

In Module Eight, you will discover the tools and tips for developing a strong and supportive network to help you grow your service-based business to the next level! You will learn how to activate the three common “Circles of Support” in your life.

Find Your Ideal Client
Step nine

Find Your Ideal Client

In Module Nine, you will learn and practice 5 keys ways to find your ideal client. You will also discover some helpful tips for turning a potential prospect into a long-term client!

Build Your Personal Productivity System
Step ten

Build Your Personal Productivity System

In Module 10, we are going to offer some very practical strategies, tools and a simple system you can use to maximize the productivity and results in your day, so you can essentially get more done in much less time. We will incorporate timeless, age-old productivity strategies with a blend of new tools to help you to be an accomplished and productive freelance entrepreneur!


If you are ready to start and grow a profitable and flexible Freelance Business and lifestyle, simply click the button below to get started...

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    I am absolutely confident that your participation in Freelance Success in 30 Days or Less will be an immensely valuable step forward for you, and will help you build and grow a rewarding and profitable Freelance or VA business.

    Still, I want to be absolutely sure it is the right fit for you. So take 15 DAYS to check out and evaluate the course. If for any reason you decide that this course is not for you, then please contact our team at [email protected] and we will refund your payment right away.