Welcome to the Affiliate Center
for the 2021 Virtual Skills Summit!

What is the Virtual Skills Summit?

The Virtual Skills Summit is a unique learning opportunity for Freelancers and VAs to develop 10 in-demand skills in 3 days that will amplify their client and income opportunities in 2021 and beyond.

The Summit is FREE to attend LIVE during the 3-day event from May 10-12.

The participants will have an opportunity to grab the "All-Access Pass" for $97 that features:
- Podcast version of all the sessions so that you can listen on the go.

- 10 Speaker Presentation Handouts
10 Speaker Action Checklists
- 10 Speaker Bonuses and/or Discounts

- BONUS Skills Summit Follow-up Q&A with Craig from Freelance University

- BONUS Course “The Freelancer’s Toolbox”

We look forward to hosting a highly impactful event for our participants!

Summit Event Calendar

Time - 8 AM PDT (11 AM EDT)

Speaker: Craig Cannings
Topic: Online Course Creation

Learn a simple 10-step process to design and manage online courses for your business and your clients.

Time - 10 AM PDT (1 PM EDT)

Speaker: Abbi Perets
Topic: Email Marketing Sequences

Learn the WRITE formula to creating powerful email marketing sequences to build credibility and results for your clients.

Time - 12 PM PDT (3 PM EDT)

Speaker: Jay Clouse
Topic: Online Community Management

Discover the skills, systems and tools to become an in-demand Online Community Manager.

Time - 2 PM PDT (5 PM EDT)

Speaker: Shannon Mattern
Topic: Website Conversion Design

Learn the skill of Conversion Design to create a website that converts your own visitors into clients (and offer high-value conversion design services to your own clients).

Time - 8 AM PDT (11 AM EDT)

Speaker: Sarah Noked
Topic: Online Business Management

Discover how to streamline your client's systems, projects and team to simplify their business processes and maximize results!

Time - 10 AM PDT (1 PM EDT)

Speaker: Bob Sparkins
Topic: Online Marketing Funnels

Learn how to design four popular types of Online Marketing Funnels to generate new leads and sales for your clients.

Time - 12 PM PDT (3 PM EDT)

Speaker: Cynthia Trevino
Topic: Creative Content Creation & Repurposing

Discover a simple system for creating and repurposing amazing content for your client's blog posts, newsletter and website.

Time - 2 PM PDT (5 PM EDT)

Speaker: Tasha Booth
Topic: Online Product Launches

Discover how to successfully set-up and manage stress-free product launches for your clients.

Time - 8 AM PDT (11 AM EDT)

Speaker: Rob Balasabas
Topic: YouTube Video Marketing

Learn some in-demand video marketing and live streaming skills to ignite your client's visibility and results.

Time - 10 AM PDT (1 PM EDT)

Speaker: Julia McCoy
Topic: SEO Writing

Learn five key steps to building SEO Writing as a skill and service and to help your clients get ranked high in the Search Engines.

Time - 12 PM PDT (3pm EDT)

Speaker: Craig Cannings
Topic: Discover Your Ideal Niche

In this final session, Craig will walk you through a four-step process to discovering your ideal niche to amplify your business success this year and beyond!

Affiliate Details

Here are the specifics for participating in our Virtual Skills Summit Affiliate Campaign

This campaign is broken down into TWO phases:

PHASE ONE: The Virtual Skills Summit Promotion
DATES: April 20 - May 10, 2021

This will be an opportunity for you to promote the FREE Summit and receive a 20% commission on the $97 All-Access Pass. You will be able to access the Summit Promotional Materials in our special Dropbox folder which includes email swipe copy, graphics, and social media posts

PHASE TWO: Freelance University Promotion
DATES: May 12 - 17, 2021

In the closing session on the FINAL day of the Summit (May 12), we will be opening a special 6-day registration period for Freelance University. You will receive a 20% recurring annual/monthly commission on referrals to the University. You will receive full commission credit for all of your FREE and ALL-ACCESS PASS Summit participants that join this intake of Freelance University!