2 thoughts on “How to Select a Niche Focus for Your Freelance Business”

    1. Rosa says:

      “The key is to find what you love doing so much that you can’t wait to start every day and are so passionate about it that you never stop wanting to learn more so you can grow professionally and always deliver the best to your clients.” While this statement is awesome — it is also something that must be taken with a grain of salt. When there is so much passion for something; the risk of burn out is thousands of times higher. Instead of aiming for pure passion from day one — I tell potential freelances to find a “semi” passion to build a business around. Something they like can grow to love but can also disconnect if they desire to. I was a ghostwriter for 10 years — burn out made me hate writing. I hate for other freelancers to suffer the same because they combined passion with money.

      1. Craig Cannings says:

        Terrific advice Rosa. I agree that sometimes you don’t find your passion until you’ve been working at that niche for quite some time. Thanks for sharing.

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