2 thoughts on “The Client Onboarding Class with Jake Berg”

    1. Raquel Martinez says:

      Thank you very much for this interview. I have been following up Dubsado team and I am already trying to learn how the Dubsado dashboard works with the tutorials, which are very useful. Only I have some little difficulty… Becca speaks so fast!!! (considering my mother languages is Spanish -lol ). Dubsado is the system I was looking for since two years ago to simplify my VA work, I love it. Again, thank you Craig and congratulations for theses podcast series, they are without doubt very valuable for person like me who wants to become better business owners. Best regards from San Diego, Venezuela

      1. Craig Cannings says:

        Thanks Raquel… great to hear you are enjoying the podcast. Dubsado is a terrific tool for managing your clients and your business!

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