2 thoughts on “The Side Hustle to Self-Employed Class with Shannon Mattern”

    1. Valerie says:

      Great episode! I related to what Shannon described very much because I did basically the same thing – hustled on the side for a couple of years before I finally took the plunge to go full time with my own business. I loved her comment about fixing her mindset about her day job – definitely something I had to do, as well. I made a point to remember that my corporate salary allowed me to set up my business and grow and learn without the risk of jumping in with both feet.

    2. This was great! Thank you for sharing your stories – both of your are super inspiring and motivating. I am struggling to shift my mindset of my current job, man…but I know you’re right about redirecting it towards positivity in order to have energy to apply after hours to make my company really take off. Thank you for the reaffirmation!

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