3 thoughts on “5 Steps to Discovering a Profitable Niche in 2020”

    1. John Easton says:

      Awesome episode Craig. I love the way you avoid overly technical descriptions and get straight to the value add driving your discussion points. I am curious, can you share any real world examples of freelancers who are hitting home runs as it relates to one or more of the niche building principles you outlined?

    2. Craig Cannings says:

      Hey John. Glad you enjoyed the episode! I see a number of students finding success related to STEP FIVE on discovering your “Core” and “Complimentary” niche service. In that step, I discussed Amplifying Your Niche and looking for ways that you can deepen your income opportunities with clients. One of our students, Lisa G, started out providing social media posting services for her clients and has now branched into Social Media strategy and consulting as well as offering Facebook Ads packages. This is a great example of “Amplifying Your Niche”, by looking at what other related skills or services you can offer your existing client base. Hope that helps!

    3. Unekwuojo Martha Ogbole says:

      I always enjoy every class/podcast. Very informative and resourceful. Will start been practical cause i feel i know enough already, and its time i put all these various tools and information to use.
      Thank you Craig.

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