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If you consider yourself a STARTER, RE-STARTER or feel STUCK in your freelance business, this workshop is designed for you!

In the one-hour session, you will learn…

Four primary barriers to freelance success (and how to overcome them).

The proven 7-step system used by 25,000 students to launch and grow your freelance business. 

A 60-Day Action Plan to help you land your first client and start generating income right away. 

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About Us

Craig and Kelly Cannings

Co-Founder, Freelance University

Craig and Kelly know a thing or two about running an at-home freelance business in the midst of raising a busy family… FIVE DAUGHTERS!

Craig and Kelly launched Freelance University in 2008 with a dream of helping students from all walks of life launch flexible and rewarding freelance careers from home.

In the past 14 years, Freelance University has provided life-changing, skills training to over 25,000 freelancers in 75 countries.

Join Craig and Kelly for this FREE workshop that could have a huge impact on you and your family this year and beyond!


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